Website Disclaimer

We informed our general public that our company does not indulge in any form of financial investment or float any investment scheme or chit fund entrepreneurship etc.

Furthermore, our company is involved in the marketing and sales of our goods through word of mouth, publicity, display or demonstration of goods or products.

The Sales & Marketing Plan shared on our company’s website is the only Income Earning Opportunity that is followed by the company. We do not give any assurance or promise of any income on account of the product purchase made by the respective customer. Distributors are only eligible for incomes depending upon the business done by him / her. Company will not be responsible for any claims arising out by the Distributors for incomes other than the Success & Marketing Plan available on the website.

The content of the website is in the English Language. In case there are differences between English Content and its translation, then the English content is always the most accurate. On choosing the language from a translator tool, the company is not liable for any legal implications in case of finding any inadequacy in the translation.